New Jersey Attorney Advises Clients Seeking Civil Annulment of Their Marriage

People often mistakenly think that civil annulment allows a newlywed couple to change their mind and legally reverse their marriage. This is not the case, however.  I can explain who might be eligible for annulment under New Jersey law. New Jersey  If a legal flaw does exist in your union, I can help you pursue an annulment.

Experienced advocate advises on potential legal grounds to undo your marriage

At Lawrence B. Diener, I will examine your situation to help determine if your union can be annulled.  Common legal justifications can include:

  • Fraud — Misrepresentation of a material fact can be grounds for annulment. This can include lying about the ability to parent children or consummate the marriage.
  • Age or mental capacity — If one party was underage at the time of the marriage or lacked the requisite mental state to make such a commitment, an annulment might be possible.
  • Duress — When someone is forced or threatened into getting married, that does not constitute legal consent, and the marriage can be invalidated.
  • Bigamy — If it is discovered that one spouse was already married when the wedding occurred, that is grounds for annulment even if the spouse was not aware of that fact.

I am experienced in all types of marital litigation and can advise you on your options for annulling your union.

Knowledgeable counselor guides you through the annulment process

After a detailed review of your situation, I can help determine the likelihood of success for an annulment petition. Unlike divorce, which ends a marriage, annulment is a determination that a legitimate marriage never existed. However, annulment does not affect issues relating to child support or parentage. I will provide the advice and advocacy you require when you decide to annul your marriage.

Contact a knowledgeable New Jersey family attorney for advice on civil annulment

If you seek to annul your marriage, call Lawrence B. Diener at 201-957-0838 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Hackensack office.